In this short quickstart, we will demonstrate the basics of using the Copulas library to generate a synthetic dataset.

1. Load the data

We’ll start by loading a built-in dataset from the copulas.datasets module.

from copulas.datasets import sample_trivariate_xyz

data = sample_trivariate_xyz()
x y z
0 9.004177e-05 2.883992e-06 0.638689
1 8.819273e-01 2.911979e-07 1.058121
2 5.003865e-01 4.886504e-04 0.372506
3 1.838544e-12 5.392802e-02 0.687370
4 1.627915e-01 1.634269e-08 -0.881068

We can visualize this dataset using a 3D scatter plot.

from copulas.visualization import scatter_3d