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Running on Docker

We support using Docker to run SDGym. This can help you avoid dependency issues when running SDGym on Windows as well as in environments where you don’t have permission to install libraries.

Basic Usage

To get started with SDGym on Docker, you should do the two following steps.

Pull SDGym

Pull the latest SDGym image <https://hub.docker.com/r/sdvproject/sdgym>`__ from DockerHub by running:

docker pull sdvproject/sdgym:<tag>

where <tag> is a qualifier for the desired version. You can use:

  • stable to get the latest release

  • latest (equivalent to not giving any tag at all) to get the latest development version from the master branch

  • <any other tag> to get the corresponding version

Run SDGym

Run SDGym using the following command:

docker run -ti sdvproject/sdgym -- sdgym COMMAND OPTIONS

where COMMAND and OPTIONS are the standard command line options.

For example, you could try:

docker run -ti sdvproject/sdgym -- sdgym run --datasets adult --synthesizer sdv.tabular.CTGAN

to benchmark the CTGAN model on the adult dataset.

Advanced Usage

The above basic usage describes how you can run the benchmark on the built-in datasets which will automatically be downloaded inside your Docker container. However, if you already have a set of datasets stored locally that you want to use for benchmarking, you will need to mount the datasets folder so it can be accessed from inside the Docker container:

docker run -ti -v </path/to/data>:/SDGym/datasets sdvproject/sdgym -- sdgym run --datasets-path /SDGym/datasets OPTIONS

The above command will take the path /path/to/data and mount it inside the Docker container so it is available to SDGym.