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sdv.demo.load_timeseries_demo(dataset_name=None, table_name=None, metadata=False)[source]

Load a timeseries demo.

If a dataset name is given, it is downloaded from the sdv-datasets S3 bucket. Otherwise, a the NASDAQ100_2019 dataset is loaded.

If metadata is True, the output will be a tuple with a Metadata instance for the dataset and a pandas.DataFrame with the data from the table. If metadata is False, only the pandas.DataFrame is returned.

  • dataset_name (str) – Dataset name to be downloaded, if None use default dataset. Defaults to None.

  • table_name (str) – If a table name is given, return this table from the indicated dataset. Otherwise, return the first one.

  • data_path (str) – Data path to save the dataset files, only used if dataset_name is provided. Defaults to DATA_PATH.

  • metadata (bool) – If True also return a Table object. Defaults to False.


If metadata is False return a pandas.DataFrame with the tables data. If metadata is True return a tuple with a Table and the data.

Return type

pandas.DataFrame or tuple